Vehicle Graphics

Our roots are in truck lettering, and locally owned trucking companies have depended on Graphix for years. Whether it’s a full graphics and striping package, unique gold leaf lettering or a complete wrap, they continue to count on us for their needs.

Vehicle Wraps

The one-time investment in a wrapped vehicle pays for itself as people take notice wherever you drive or park. Each inquiry about your wrap allows an opportunity to openly discuss your business. Unlike a stationary sign that is driven past, often by the same people, a wrap drives to potential customers and becomes something new to them. Become a stationary sign by parking your wrapped vehicle for targeted viewing.

Custom Logos & Graphics

Graphix is dedicated to creating professional, unique wraps that are highly readable and exclusively tailored to your needs and target audience. Whether a classic look or the latest design trends and colors, we design our wraps to express the persona of each individual business. With a world full of competing advertisements a distinct design that stands out earns customer attention. A wrap gains the leading attention wherever you go, even when driving past your competition.

Custom Signs

Your sign is one of the most effective communication medias available. Signs help people find you. They reach people who are passing by your establishment. In short, signs tell people what you are selling. With our design skills and knowledge, we can deliver your message or name in a very effective way with a variety of sign options. Be it a cost effective banner, beautifully carved gold leaf sign or full color digitally printed sign, we help you deliver your message quickly and professionally.